Join An Empowering Workout

Love yourself in the body you have! My fitness classes are designed for all fitness levels.

Your body is the keeper of your magic and it does not matter if you have folds, dimples, rolls, scars, or loose skin. Your body is beautiful just the way it is because YOU are beautiful and you deserve to feel complete acceptance or love.

My mission through teaching yoga and fitness classes is to share to joyful experience that will raise your mood, strengthen your body, burn away toxic energy, and bring you confidence.

Join me at Crystal Bowl Yoga for an empowering workout! Click the box below for class schedules.

Attention Organization Leaders

If you are a leader and would like to arrange an energizing yoga, stretch or fitness class for your community, I offer classes that can be done on site at your location! Contact me at 925-329-8117 or for a quote and availability. Below are some of the popular classes I offer:

Daily Stretches for Office Workers

In this class your employees will practice some simple stretches that they can do every day to avoid pain and discomfort associated with sitting at a desk for long periods of time. By learning these effective movements, employees will be able to stay comfortable, more alert, and productive.

Burn After Work

If you are looking to offer a wonderful incentive to your team, schedule an on-going fitness class that gives your employees the opportunity to get a consistent workout before their commute home.

Team Building Fitness

This is a fun class that incorporates games and challenges into a fitness program for all-levels. This class is equally fun for beginners and advanced athletes, and emphasizes team work and relationship building.