How much money does it cost to lose weight?

I'll answer the question in the title of this blog post right now. The answer is nothing. You should save money. 

Most people assume, because I am well spoken and have an entrepreneurial spirit, that I am someone who has plenty of money. Most of the time I let people think that because I am trying to build a business and it is important to me to be respected and taken seriously. However, it is far from true. 

This morning I was counting change on the dashboard of my 25 year old Ford Escort, hoping I had enough to buy my son a pair of shoes after the dog chewed one from his only pair... I didn't. 

Mostly pennies

Mostly pennies

Not even enough for shoes

Not even enough for shoes

Side note: Right now I am at a turning point. So much about my life has recently been flipped on it's head and it is forcing me to take a new perspective. Today is hard, the past was hard, but the future won't be. My goals and plans are a topic for another blog post, but I felt it was important to share that I am working towards improving my financial situation, before I get into a whole post about it. 

The point of this post is truly to emphasize that even if you are a broke mom like me, you do not need money to start your weight loss journey. 

It's true my financial situation is scary, but I am working towards better things.

During my whole weight loss journey, from January 2016 to now, as I have lost 173 pounds, my family has lived paycheck to paycheck and my husband and I have barely made ends meet. In reality, a lot of ends never met in the past year. We had to move and make many sacrifices just to keep food on the table. 

Not having enough money should never be your excuse to not lose weight. You do not need to buy into an expensive weight loss program and you do not need a magic pill. You do need Support and you need to be consistent. 

In fact, when I started losing weight I started saving money. A lot of money. When I was not buying snacks at convenience stores, or junk food at the grocery store, I started saving about $200 a month! Sometimes more! 

I never bought a single weight loss pill or shake, I definitely didn't spend thousands on surgery, and  I didn't even get a gym membership until just recently. All I did was eat less and walk on the sidewalk. 

Of course I understand that it is not really as simple as eating less and walking. You need support to help you stay consistent. That is why I am working as a personal trainer and life coach (my monthly plan is less than you will be saving in groceries) to help people like me with the confidence, organization, and motivation it really takes to lose a lot of weight forever. I do not recommend a diet plan because I am not a doctor, but I do provide the skills and methods that do work for lasting weight loss.