6 Reasons to Invest in Online Health Coaching

Online fitness training is the most cost-effective way to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.

Whether you are looking to lose over 100 pounds, or just tone up- I guarantee that the support, guidance, and education you will receive from an online coaching program, like the Finally Inspired Online Coaching Program, will make a huge impact on your results!

Some may wonder why paying for online support is worth it. After all, in this day and age many people will say they can just google all the answers they need to their fitness questions.

It’s true that the answer to every question can be found on Google, but there is a lot more to an online coaching program then just knowing the “secrets” to exercise and nutrition.

6 Reasons to Invest in Online Coaching


You will be part of a tribe of people and make new friends! There is no risk of judgement or criticism, because everyone is there to work towards similar goals and a coach will encourage communication and bonding.


A group provides a much higher level of accountability, which usually means better results. Great groups will offer continues challenges and inspiration to share progress and success.


When life is difficult, the inner critic in all of us tends to start beating us up. When you are in a program of like-minded individuals, you feel supported by others in a similar situation. This group involvement helps to quiet that inner voice, and provides the inspiration to continue working toward your goals.

Save Money

The monthly cost of most coaching programs are about half the cost of a single one-hour session with an in-person trainer.

There can be great benefit to one-on-one coaching with a personal trainer, but if you can’t afford $350 a month or more for personal training in a gym, you can enjoy the support and guidance of a trainer for a fraction of the cost when you join an online coaching group.

Workout on Your Own Schedule

It can be stressful for some to get to the gym at certain times. The best coaching programs are built for you to do workouts on your own schedule. You won’t need to worry about paying your trainer when you miss a session.

Members of the Finally Inspired Online Coaching Community have access to workout and exercise programs designed for all-levels of fitness ability. Each exercise is accompanied by a video of me demonstrating the movement and explaining proper form.


While answers to everything can be found on Google, there is a vast amount of conflicting information and difficult to understand science about anatomy, biomechanics, physiology, and biochemistry.

A coach will simplify the information out in the world wide web, and translate it into actionable advice.

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