Living with Loose Skin

When I started my weight loss journey, and honestly up until last week, I accepted the loose skin as something I would just have to live with. Up until now, I did not think I would be able to find the money, resources, and support to have it removed, and for the most part, I was okay with that.

As much as the loose skin is a bother, it sure as heck is better then being 325 pounds. At my highest weight, it was hard for me to walk, take care of my kids, get through a work day, and keep my home clean. Everything just made me feel tired and sore.

Now, even with the skin, I am capable of more then I ever thought possible. I love hiking, yoga, and fitness. I enjoy being active with my friends and family, and I feel like I can live my life, instead of watch from the sidelines as my loved ones would go on roller coasters, swim in a lake, or go on hikes.

Still, even though I truly am enjoying life in my new body, the last few months I have been having a lot of pain. This has been stressful for me because, at first, I wasn't sure what was causing it or wrong with me. However I know my body and after my workouts or hikes I noticed a pain mostly in my hips and lower back. After a lot of time spent worried about this, I realized my skin was the culprit. I did some research and discovered this is can be a common issue after extreme weight loss. Loose skin can cause problems as it weighs heavy on the body and can throw off one’s posture. I reached out to my doctor as well as a few skin surgeons and asked for help.

Last week my doctor told me my insurance company will support me to have the extra skin on my stomach removed, but I will need a copay of $3600. $3600 is literally four times the value of my car, but now it feels POSSIBLE!! Now I have a new mindset, where I do not feel like I just have to live with the skin, but I can actually have it removed and live a comfortable, pain free life! I can feel confident in this body I have worked so hard for. My excitement and gratitude is beyond words.

In order to help me reach my goal of having the skin on my stomach removed, some close friends encouraged me to create a Go Fund Me page. On this page, I share pictures of the skin on my stomach as well as more about my weight loss story and experience. If you feel my blog and weight loss tips have provided value for you, I really appreciate any and all donations.

Thank you all so much for being part of this journey with me!

Click Here to visit the Go Fund Me page

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