Getting Back on Track with Weightloss After a Setback

Gaining weight back after you lose it does not have to mean you give up forever, here's my story of getting back on track.

Gaining weight back after you lose it does not have to mean you give up forever, here's my story of getting back on track.

After a stressful period of time, plus the easy access to food in the Holidays, I gained 17 pounds between December and February. In a short couple of months I had gone from 150 to 167.

I was stressed and I didn’t know what to do with myself so I went back to over eating. I had so many excuses to over eat, and that's all I told myself as I binged over and over. I was depressed and overwhelmed. It all felt like too much.

Pulling myself back on track has not been easy. Since I quit smoking cigarettes, I was having extreme cravings for junk. It has been doubly hard to both not smoke and not over eat, while dealing with so much. 

The good news is I am back on track! Minus a few slips, I have have avoided smoking for almost a month now and I have my weight down ten pounds, to 157. I'm still seven pounds from where I was in early December, but I feel confident I can get back there and reach my big, ultimate goal of 145. 

Getting back on track with my weight loss journey, while choosing not to smoke cigarettes, and experiencing a lot of stress, has only been possible because I took the time to reflect on why I want this and be grateful for the good in my life. I got back to reflecting on why I started my extreme weight loss journey in the first place. 

All the problems I am facing can be fixed, and in a few years they won't even matter. For that, I am incredibly thankful and motivated to work towards a brighter future. I have spent hours journaling and goal setting to help me visualize what I really want in the future. I finally feel inspired again and the dark couple of months where I got off track and let myself be distracted, do not matter. This is my whole life, and the only way to move is forward. 

If you are someone who, for whatever reason, has gotten off track with your weight loss- I want you to know I understand and you are not alone in what you are experiencing. There is no reason to feel shame. I also encourage you to make time to reflect on what you want for yourself. Where do you see yourself in a year? Three years? Five years? Dig deep and imagine the best case scenario, then plan for that! You can do it! A set back can not stop you. It didn't stop me. 

In three months I am going to run a half marathon. Training for that is motivating me to make the best choices and work towards my goals. A half marathon is just a preparing me for a full marathon. I am ready to be the person I have always known I could be, under all the extra fat and shame. Once upon a time I was 325 pounds, but by the end of this year I will be lean, strong, and a marathon runner!