5 Tips to Love Yourself More Today

Love yourself more today

Love yourself more today

After losing 175 pounds I have grown to love myself so much more, and I really want to share with other people who are facing a weight issue, or any issue that has caused you to be depressed and lose respect for yourself, you deserve more! I have a long way to go on my fitness journey, but one thing that has been heavy on my mind today is extreme thankfulness for the improvements in my relationships. When you love yourself more you open your heart to accept love of others and you are able to return love genuinely, with more energy, passion, and excitement. Take some time today to LOVE YOURSELF! Here are five tips to love yourself more today!

1. Notice all your positive qualities! What makes you extraordinary! Dig deep and think about the things that make you proud to be you. It's okay if nothing comes to mind at first. If you have been busy caring for others, you have not had time to consider your own lovable qualities. When you think of something perfect, go ahead and compliment yourself. Take a deep breath and genuinely say you compliment to yourself out loud in front of the mirror.

2. Think differently about beauty. What is really more important? As a parent, do you want your children to remember what a strong, loving, caring, and compassionate mother they had- or that your makeup was always on and your hair done. Outer beauty is not, and never will be, as important as who you are on the inside. Celebrate your inner beauty and dedicate yourself to becoming more beautiful on the inside, where it really matters. Forgive yourself for your outer flaws. Fix them if you can, but do not obsess over them because it is not what really matters.

3. Move More! Get out of the house and move your body. Enjoy running, walking, jumping, yoga, Pilates, or dance. Just move. Exercise releases endorphins and will instantly improve your mood. Here is a quote no one has ever said, ever: "I really regret that work out."

4. Peruse your Passions! Be proud of who you are and your interests. It's easy to ignore the things you love because you are surrounded by people who find them weird, strange, or frighting- but who cares what others think? You are allowed to be you and love yourself for all you awesome passions! I love death metal and vikings and I do not care if others think it's weird. I will not put myself in anyone's box, and I am telling you now, if you have a passion you've been afraid to enjoy because of what others might think- forget about them! Enjoy your passions for yourself!

5. Do Something Good for Someone Else. Loving yourself love is about getting yourself to a loving, beautiful baseline, and then taking what you’ve learned & transferring it to the community around you. It’s about helping other people, leading by example, and contributing your time or skills to anyone who needs them. The feeling you get from helping others will bring you endless joy.