8 Tips for Busy Professionals to Start Meal Prepping

A member of the Finally Inspired Online Coaching Program  recently had a great question about preparing fast and easy lunches for a busy schedule. I have some tips I want to share with all of you for easy meal prep, avoiding fast food, and losing weight.

1- Be Mindful. This is a tip I will share for every issue, every problem, 100% of the time because it needs to be said over and over again a million different ways. To be mindful with this issue, be prepared ahead of time by coming to work with healthy food and snacks, and remind yourself of your goals when the temptation for junk food does come up.

2- Love your crockpot! It's so convenient to throw a few ingredients into a slow cooker before work so you can come home to a hot, delicious meal after work. You can even use the leftovers for lunch over the next couple of days.


3- Quinoa is a super grain that is high in protein and it tastes great hot or cold. It's great for meal prepping.

4- Roast Veggies in the oven. I will buy a big bag of frozen broccoli or brussel sprouts from the big box stores and I just toss them in vegetable broth and some seasoning. Cook at 400 degrees for 35-40 minutes tossing every 15 minutes. Then I eat my delightful veggies ALL week! They actually re-heat really well. Be creative buy the veggies you love and roast them for the week!

5- Measure everything! Don't forget, you can gain weight eating healthy food. You have to know how much you are eating, so measure your portion sizes before you pack them.

6- Schedule your meal prepping! We all start out with the best intentions when it comes to meal prepping and eating healthy, but life happens! Things come up and get in the way! I have found that if I make a date with myself to prep for the week it gets done! I usually set aside time either Saturday or Sunday to accomplish the task of prepping for the week.

Every Sunday I meal prep!

Every Sunday I meal prep!

7- Check out Pinterest for fast, easy meal prepping tips

8- Buy yourself a lunch box. Not just any lunch box, but the coolest, best, most beautiful lunch box that you absolutely love and won't forget to bring to work. You could even decorate it with patches and stickers just to make it absolutely unique and special!