3 Years of New Years Resolutions

In January 2016 I made the commitment to start therapy and work on my addition to food and depression. I used therapy just as a chance to talk out my feelings and get a better understanding of what it would take for me to feel truly happy with myself and my life. In every "best case scenario" I made up for myself that year, I saw a future where I was a healthy weight. I came to understand that what I wanted from myself more than anything, was to lose weight. 

It took me a full year of working on myself to be fully inspired- but in January 2017 I had a plan, I had intention, and I was ready! I started by creating a set of important goals. I kept track of every step along the way- recipes, stories, workouts, calories, ideas. Now I realize these steps that I have been tracking can be followed by anyone. I was a 35 year old broke, stressed out, and morbidly obese mom and I changed my life, so I know that I can help other people get there too! 

That is why my resolution for 2018 is to share my story and all of the steps I took to lose 173 pounds with the intention of inspiring people to lose weight and reach their own "best case scenerios." 

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